Was ist Weissbier?

We delve into the brew that the Germans covet most


Pronounced: ‘vice beer’
Translation: ‘white beer’

A.K.A. Hefeweizen

Pronounced: (‘hay-fuh-veyt-sssen’)
Translation: ‘yeast wheat beer’
Vas ist Weissbier?

In German, ‘Weissbier’ simply means ‘white bier’, though it also gets the title Weizenbier (“wheat beer”) as a result of its high levels of malted wheat.

There are a number of different weissbiers — Hefeweizen (literally ‘yeast wheat’), for the type of weissbier that keeps an opaque, yeasty appearance, and also Kristallweizen (“crystal wheat”), which refers to the more filtered, clear Weissbier varieties.



Schöfferhöfer Hefeweizen

Frankfurt, Germany

‘The warm handshake’; ‘The favourite’; ‘The perfect weissbier’

Many consider the Schöfferhöfer Hefeweizen to be the perfect weissbier. With a broad, smooth, even svelte flavour, infused with hints of fragrant complex herbs and a mild bitterness on the tongue, this brew is a warming soother, the ultimate cosy brew, a big warm handshake that soon becomes a big warm hug.

The Schöfferhöfer Hefeweizen also functions as a delicious, full bodied summer brew, the sort of beer that gets you ready to settle in and ready to mingle. Its sweet caramel aroma and mild floral notes compels the palette—this is a seductive, complex number; first sip in, and there’s no doubting the craftsmanship—a reliable classic, with appeal as lasting and broad as it’s finish. Certainly not to be rushed, this is a bold, ‘taking stock’ beer—the perfect weissbier, for those who want a bit of flavour in their life.


Weihenstephan Hefeweizen

Munich, Germany

‘The old friend’

Rich golden in appearance, with caramel, malty notes and a sweet floral aroma, this medium intensity, fragrant, mild toffee flavoured brew leaves one with the feeling of having drunk a heartier brew than first thought. ‘Weihenstephan’ is the oldest claimed functional brewery in the world, founded in the year 1040, which is apt, because this brew feels like an old friend— the sort of bier to knock back with other old friends on a fine afternoon and talk of battles past and old!

The Weihenstephan offers a warming, fragrant flavour, with lively carbonation, smooth and versatile—the right choice, whether you’re in front of the fire, or taking in a warm summer’s eve. With first sip, a calming sense of reliability overcomes you—ahh yes: this a substantial, refined, masterful brew; the medium-long finish lingers too, like the reliable old pal it is.

Do you think the Schöfferhöfer Hefeweizen is the perfect weissbier? Is a perfect beer even possible? Do you like it cloudy or clear?

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