Hophaus Bar Bistro loves and respects its beer—it is considered both an art and a science (and of course a way of life).

At Hophaus, quantity matches quality…

Our showpiece polychrome glazed brick bar features 14 draught beer taps with a delectable rotation of the finest European beers – German, Spanish and Czech beers from the most cherished and oldest breweries in the world plus a few Australian brews thrown in the mix!

Ultimately, when it comes to beer and wine at Hophaus, we’re not about swilling and sniffing—we’re about drinking and enjoying (responsibly of course).

A popular destination for after work drinks, casual dining and unique functions at an enviable riverside venue.

For those who do not fancy an alcoholic beverage, we have a good range of low & non-alcoholic beer, sparkling & spritz.  Something for everyone.