A.K.A. Munich Lager
Translation: ‘the light one’

Was ist Helles?

‘Hell’ is the German adjective for ‘light’, while the word ‘helles’ means ‘a light one’.

This straw-blond ‘light lager’ is not as devilish as it might sound—it is, however, one of Bavaria’s most iconic and cherished offerings: a dry, lean, crisp brew, light in flavour, ample in strength, typically ranging from 4.7 to 5.4 percent by volume.

Fischer’s Hell 

Erding Bavaria, Germany

Known in Germany as ‘Helles’ or ‘Dortmunder’, it is a full bodied brew.

This lager is golden in colour, moderately hoppy with a full malt flavour, unlike a pilsner.

Paulaner Hell Munich Lager*

Munich, Germany

‘The gathering bier’, ’the balanced one’

Light, straw blonde in appearance, with brilliant clarity and ample head, this is a cheerful, perfectly balanced, finely crafted lager. Light-hearted in flavour, yet with a firm body, it’s slick creaminess and mild liveliness calms quickly on the palette for a soft, sweet finish.

An extremely fresh brew, the Paulaner is the ultimate bier to enjoy with friends—a gathering brew, light and effortless, yet substantial in body and taste, perfect for an afternoon in the sun with light snacks and a round of bratwurst.

*Not available on tap at time of writing


(‘doonn-kel’ with a short ‘oo’ as in foot)

Was ist Dunkel?

‘Dunkel’ means ‘dark’, and so, describes several kinds of dark German bier. Home to Bavaria, Dunkel’s are known for their smooth, malty, lightly-hopped flavour, typically ranging from 4.8 to 6%.[/az_column_text][az_single_image image=”1264″ image_mode=”img-full-responsive” image_alignment=”aligncenter” image_link=”no-link” target=”_self” animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in” animation_delay=”400″]

Konig Ludwig Dunkel

Kaltenberg, Bavaria

A Munich Dark Lager style beer. Dark brown in colour, it is smooth and complex with just enough bitterness to balance out any sweetness.

Franzikaner Dunkel*

Munich, Germany

‘The gutsy warmer’; ‘The down to business bier’; ‘the pragmatist’
Dark chocolate-copper toned, with a mild chocolate, almost nutty aroma, the Franzikaner is surprisingly light for a full bodied dunkel, sharper rather than sweet, with a hoppy, spiciness and notes of malty chocolate and burnt caramel. This is a robust, strong brew—not intense, but smooth; it’s thick syrupiness makes the carbonation work hard, with a creamy, warming sensation coating the mouth after a few sips.

The Franzikaner is a serious brew—it means business, and when drinking it, so should you. Perfect for business lunches, for taking the edge off a long day, the Franzikaner is loyal, powerful and respectful—an understanding bier than knows exactly what you need. Think of warming hot fires, and little pubs in the middle of nowhere. This dunkel is syrupy, but with crispness—it’s long finish stays with you and stimulates the mind.

Humble, but not forgettable, the Franzikaner will ensure you that never forget its name.

*Not available on tap at time of writing

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