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A Wonderland is Coming & It’s Time to Get GinThusiastic!

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Gin lovers unite…We’re Hosting a pop-up Gin Wonderland Next Week and You’re All Invited!

Over the last couple of years, the impact gin has had on the hearts of Aussie’s has expanded exponentially. We’ve completely fallen in love with gin and all the different botanicals and flavour combinations that come with it.

World Gin Day is fast approaching, and the team here at Hophaus has decided to celebrate, by dedicating a full afternoon to the spirit. [/az_column_text][az_column_text]

Gin Fast Facts

Since this event is for the fast-approaching World Gin Day, we think it’s only fair to start with a few facts about the actual spirit.

  1. Gin is a clear alcoholic spirit that derives its flavour from the juniper berry
  2. It was created in the 17th century, and we have Holland to thank for introducing the world to this beautiful creation  
  3. If you take away all the botanicals…you’d just be drinking vodka, so in a way gin is like vodkas cooler & prettier sister
  4. During the prohibition days, people used to make gin in their bathtubs, because it was just that good! (Side-note: you can find bathtub style gin at your local bottle-o and it’s so worth it – trust us it’ll blow your mind)
  5. The creation of the classic gin & tonic arrived in India, during the 19th century

All the Things

Special Guest Distillers: Taking you on a journey around the world, we’ve lined up distillers from 5 big name brands, to make an appearance.

Melbourne’s Four Pillars, The English/ Icelandic Martin Miller’s, Scotland’s The Botanist, Archie Rose from NSW, and Adelaide Hills from well… Adelaide.  Mingle with these gin buffs and ask any and all the questions that pop into your head.

Market Stalls: In addition to the 5 companies listed above, there will be market stalls containing a brand ambassador from other gin companies at each one. These ambassadors have all the knowledge, and access to a lot of gin (We’ve suddenly had the urge to make new friends). [/az_column_text][az_single_image image=”3551″ image_mode=”img-responsive” image_link=”yes” target=”_blank” image_link_url=”https://www.br.de/nachricht/inhalt/oktoberfest-entstehung-pferderennen-ludwig-therese-100.html”]

[az_column_text]Mini Masterclasses: Didn’t receive enough knowledge in your conversation with an ambassador? Sit in for a masterclass and leave with all the vital pieces of information.

Discover everything from the step by step creation process, to the tasting notes found in the final product.

Roaming Winter Canapés: Food that comes to you…do I need to say more?!

DJ: Had a few and suddenly feeling the urge to dance your little heart out? A DJ will be playing in the background all night, so you can give into dance breaks with your crew, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Cocktail Specials: Tasted everything the ambassadors have to offer? The intake of gin doesn’t just end with the endless array of tastings…you can help yourself to $12 gin cocktails all afternoon. [/az_column_text][az_single_image image=”3564″ image_mode=”img-responsive”][az_column_text]h

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, there’s also a chance to win a hamper full of gin and tickets to a Four Pillars Masterclass!

The Technicalities

When: World Gin Day (June 8th, 2019)

Where: HopHaus Euro Bar Bistro | MR5/3 Southgate Avenue, Southbank VIC 3006

Time: 2 pm – 5 pm (the bar will still be running as normal, so feel free to hang around and experience the rest of the venue).

$$$: Only $20!! (includes gin tastings, mini masterclasses and canapés)


Being such a versatile spirit, makes gin much more approachable, so whether you take it neat, as a g&t, or in a cocktail, we’re sure you’ll find at least one thing that suits your palate. The Hophaus team is keen, and we hope we’ve caught your attention. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet our fellow gin loving friends.

This experience is going to be a gin journey like no one has ever experienced before…in a way, it truly is an escape into the Wonderland.[/az_column_text]

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[az_column_text]World Gin Day is fast approaching, and Gin Wonderland is our celebration of one of Australia’s favourite spirits. Learn more about other Hophaus events here.[/az_column_text]