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Ladies Love Bier Dinner

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Ladies Love Bier Dinner

[az_dropcap mode=”dropcap-color”]T[/az_dropcap]hroughout the ages, women have played a significant and active role in the brewing of the world’s much loved beverage. The earliest evidence of brewing portrays that women were the primary brewers on all inhabited continents.

Get the girls together and Join the team at Hophaus on Thursday 11 October for the third Annual Ladies Love Bier Dinner. It is a night, celebrating great bier, food and the contribution of women in brewing.  With special guests, Miryam and Glenn from Cavalier Brewing hosting the night, it will be an unforgettable insight into the brewing industry, processes and experiences that surely should not be missed![/az_column_text][az_single_image image=”3036″ image_mode=”img-responsive” image_link=”yes” target=”_blank” image_link_url=”https://www.br.de/nachricht/inhalt/oktoberfest-entstehung-pferderennen-ludwig-therese-100.html”][az_column_text]Women in Brewing

Women and female brewers have a long history in the story of beer. In the emergence of  brewing, making beer was a woman’s job. It continues to be so in indigenous cultures around the world and is once again becoming an important workplace for women. Brewing was an outcropping of gathering or baking traditions, which were predominantly women’s roles throughout the world. The female’s role became even more critical once agriculture took hold because fermentation was often part of the food processing. Some of this fermentation was initiated by women chewing the grains to start the process.

From the 18th century onwards, women were increasingly barred from the business of brewing, except as barmaids or, licensees running pubs. By the 19th century, few women were employed in brewing with the exception of labour for supplementary functions, such as bottling and secretarial posts. In more modern times there have been inroads in for women in the brewing industry reversing the trends that have taken place.

In the 20th and 21st century there are numerous examples of great female leaders in the brewing process. Perhaps the most notable person is Franciscan Sister Doris of the Mallersdorf Abbey in Bavaria. Mallersdorf is one of the few brewing monasteries in Europe and perhaps the only nunnery. Another notable women in brewing is Anne-Françoise Pypaert, the first female Trappist brewmaster, when she became the brewmaster at the world famous Orval Trappist monastery.

The importance of women in brewers is forever being recognised as beer is no longer a product intended only for men, but also for women who enjoy it more and more. The increased prominence of these women and others has played a big part in attracting other women, many in various aspects of the industry.[/az_column_text]

[az_column_text]Cavalier Brewing

Founded on the 9th of March 2011 Cavalier Brewing is a brewery dedicated to producing the finest quality craft beer in Victoria. The concept of the brewery arose when Steve Martin a homebrewer came across Heath Shirtcliffe in a dog park in Brunswick, where they got to talking about the wonders of beer. Soon Steve was bringing the beers he was creating with fellow brewer Andrew Cronin to share while they walked. The three collaborated and self-funded the microbrewery completely themselves from the ground up.

For the first six months of Cavalier being a business the three brewed in Heath’s shed, hand labelling, hand bottling, hand filling, with hand written labels. The first big break for Cavalier occurred in early 2011 where they showcased three beers; a Pale Ale, Brown and Wheat Beer at a Fed Square Microbreweries event and within months found there was great demand. Since then they have Grown rapidly producing close to 30 quality craft beers as well as having multiple other breweries working out of and owning tanks in their brewery.[/az_column_text][az_single_image image=”3033″ image_mode=”img-responsive” image_alignment=”aligncenter”][az_column_text]The Menu

Hophaus and Cavalier Brewing take you on a journey through food and bier pairing across 3 delicious courses, matched with Cavaliers’ signature ales. The pairing of the food and bier menu is sure to be flavoursome and I can guarantee that will deliver in abundance.

On entrance you will be greeted with a delicious mouth-watering kingfish carpaccio en croute with crème fraiche and avruga caviar canapés which will be accompanied with our Paulner Munich Larger. The hint of sweetness and hops of the bier couples with kingfish famously. The second bier on the menu is the Cavalier Brown Ale. Chestnut in colour the Cavalier brown ale has a creamy hazelnut and dark chocolate flavour which will offset the flavours of our spiced quail breast, chicken liver pate, cacao nibs and fruity chutney entree (YUM!).

Now that we have finished with our appetisers we should be ready for our main. Smoked beef cheek, horseradish puree foie gras and truffle jus matched with Cavalier’s Thrice Spiced Porter will make your palate happy.  Let us finish off the night with our delightful dessert pale ale combination. The zesty and tropical tasting notes of Cavalier’s Pale Ale will go hand in hand with the Vanilla Bavarian Crème, spring berries with cornflake crumb and berry sorbet dessert that we have in store.

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[az_column_text]Ladies Love Bier Dinner is running as part of our Hophaus Oktoberfest celebrations, from 5th to 14th October!

Our opening party is on Saturday 6 October with live music, DJs, sausage eating comps and more. And don’t miss our Dachshund Racing on 13 October, Hairyman Competitions, Live Music & imported Festbiers throughout.

Find out more about our Oktoberfest Celebrations[/az_column_text]

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